Pay to Play: Friend or Frenemy? part 1 in a series

18 Apr

When you’re a non-union voiceover talent and without an agent, online booking websites can be your best friend. You find open gigs online, record auditions at your home studio on your own time, and (hopefully) land a job! Then you work with the client remotely to agree on final terms (file format, project fee, turnaround time, and so on), finalize tracks, and arrange for payment. A win-win for all parties, and a job well done!

On the other hand, finding voiceover jobs online can be a serious frenemy. Online gigs often cause a feeding frenzy among VO talent, where literally hundreds of auditions are submitted for a single, low-paying spot within just a few hours of the job being posted. Many auditions are never listened or responded to, but sit in a black hole hosted by the P2P (“pay to play”) website. The majority of online gigs I’ve seen over the last eight months, depending on where exactly I saw them, are offered at far-below recommended rates for non-union talent.

Follow my blog as I conduct an experiment to compare some free and P2P voiceover websites. I will be reviewing several sites, giving each service 30 days to prove its worth. I’ll report back on what I did, what I saw, and what I learned.



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